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New Work

The work on this page represents a wide range of studio, studies, and plein air pieces created over the past several years. Many of the pieces explore a variety of painting approaches, techniques, finishes, and subject matter. Featured Work

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Anton is a dedicated artist who is definitely one to watch. His loose, colorful and spontaneous oils of outdoor still life are expressive and truly original. He keeps his colors clean and vibrant making them enjoyable to view over and over again and a joy to collect.

Susan Bingham The Thunderbird Foundation for the Arts

Anton is a talented and aspiring artist to watch. I had the pleasure of watching him paint a wonderful landscape of Sugar Knoll at the Maynard Dixon property in Mt. Camel, Utah.

Bruce Paltenghi Maynard Dixon Collector

We bought a painting from Anton, "City Planning" that we absolutely love. It's a brilliant piece of art and the prize of our collection. I almost feel bad that we're the only ones that get to enjoy it (in our home).

Seth Pollack NBA League Manager

I've known Anton over the last ten years, and seen that his development as an artist/designer has proceeded with admirable continuity. I attribute this to his dedicated study of media and technique. What is more, he never allows the ambitions of production to interfere with the clarity of his vision.

Clarke Riedy Master Sculptor at Clarke Riedy Studio

Anton is a very dedicated artist and businessman. I have known him since my student days at A.S.U.. He has remained dedicated to his profession and is one of my favorite local artist's. I strongly recommend Anton.

Augie Tantalo Professional Artist / Teacher