Anton Nowels has exhibited both representational and abstract work in Arizona and Southern Utah. Nowels is a two-time Guest Artist at the Thunderbird Foundation’s Maynard Dixon Country event in Mt. Carmel, Utah. In 2017, Anton won First Place at the Bisbee Plein Air Festival. He was the Second Place winner at the prestigious Scottsdale Artists’ School’s Best and Brightest Show in 2018. Additionally, Anton won Second Place in the Sonoran Plein Air Festival’s inaugural show in 2018.

Nowels has been practicing art since 2000 and had his first solo show at age 24 on Grand Avenue in Downtown Phoenix. In 2007, he was juried into a solo exhibition at Burton Barr Public Library’s Central Gallery. Nowels continued to show work in downtown Phoenix in several locations, including the Herberger Theater Center and First Studios, before returning to Arizona State University to finish his BA in 2008. His work is experimental by nature and is reflective of his Interdisciplinary Art and Performance degree.

Currently, Anton is working to develop representational paintings outdoors using the Impressionist approaches taught by Charles Hawthorne and Henry Hensche while continuing to be expressive and bold in his brush work. Nowels is an Associate Member of Oil Painters of America, a member of the American Impressionist Society, and a Juried Member of Arizona Plein Air Painters.

Artist Statement

Painting is both my way of interacting with and expressing myself in the world. Working directly from life allows me time to pause and observe. I enjoy the activity of seeing and mixing color. Painting connects me to what is happening in the present moment. I express both my emotions and my thoughts in my work. Emotionally, I tend to play with paint. I like the feel of the brush moving paint around the canvas. I fluctuate between more aggressive and restrained movements. The activity tends to calm me. I also express myself conceptually in my work. There is a challenge of organizing color into shapes leading toward a design. I enjoy constructing and thinking about how to use color effectively. Ultimately, I attempt for a representational image that also expresses the emotion and creativity I experienced during the painting process.